Remodels & Additions

Inouye Design loves to transform your existing living space into something new and exciting and functional. We will help you visualize what the possibilities for your existing space can be by modeling you house and the proposed changes in a 3D environment. Architectural plans can then be produced from this modeling.

Unless otherwise negotiated, we simply bill for time and materials spent working specifically on your project. Due to possible unforeseen complications and frequent changes in scope for these types of projects only an educated estimate of price can be given.

Prices do not include any required engineering fees, including but not limited to structural, civil, geotechnical, mechanical, and electrical.

Typically, pricing estimates are for a standard “Builder’s Set” of plans.

Any additional changes or requirements made by city/ county officials or owners will be charged the standard hourly rate.

All payments are non-refundable and final payment must be received before plans can be released from our office.


Project set up fee


Initial site visit


Designing and meeting time


Drafting and modeling time /

Measuring and data collection


Large copies of plans


Medium copies of plans


Small copies of plans


CD with PDF files (DWF or PDF File Conversion)

A non-refundable retainer is required prior to starting the project. This amount may vary between $500 to $5,000 depending on the scope and size of project.